At Texas Stag Roofing Solutions, we work alongside solar professionals to prepare roofs for the installation of solar panels.

Our Commitment to Partnering with Solar Professionals

We are committed to helping solar professionals streamline and simplify the process so they can focus on what they do best: selling and installing solar. We have opened new markets for our current solar partners by providing them with the tools they need to target previously avoided areas. We prepare roofs for the installation of solar panels, ensuring that the systems our partners install are attached to roofs that are built to last.

The Right Way to Get the Most Energy from your Panels

A good roof is essential if you are choosing to go solar. Solar panels need to be installed in a way that maximizes their exposure to sunlight, and a well-designed roof can help ensure that your panels are getting the most exposure. Additionally, a good roof can help protect your solar panels from weather damage, debris, and other potential hazards. As a result, investing in a quality roof is essential to ensuring that your solar panels can function at their best.

We Ensure that your Roof is Ready for Solar!

When you decide to go solar, you want to ensure that your roof is prepared for solar panels. This is where TX Stag comes in. We replace attic vents with ridge vents to free up space for more panels or to give you more flexibility for better placement. This is just one of the many perks of working with us. So if you’re looking to go solar, give us a call. We’ll ensure your roof is ready for solar panels, and you will be equipped with a system that will stand the test of time.

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